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Hiking Grand Canyon [VHS]

Hiking Grand Canyon [VHS]
zoom imageHiking Grand Canyon [VHS] 

Hiking Grand Canyon [VHS]

Hiking Grand Canyon [VHS]
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This brief tape will help backpackers prepare for the unique rigors of the Grand Canyon and serve as a palpable reminder not to take this hike lightly. Dedicated to the memory of a hiker who died in the canyon, the 20-minute video begins with a National Park Service Ranger outlining some of the trek's difficulties, followed by several interviews of hikers who got dehydrated, hurt, or started a brush fire by burning toilet paper. The tape is most useful in stressing that the easiness of the beginning downhill climb will not prepare hikers for the most strenuous part of the hike at the end as they climb out of the world's deepest canyon. Also helpful are the explicit instructions on what gear to pack (and for what season), what to wear, where to camp, weather alerts, and tips on saving energy. --Kimberly Heinrichs
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